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RE: EZ access / infrared URLs as requested

From: Gregg Vanderheiden <gv@trace.wisc.edu>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 16:54:41 -0600
To: "'Jon Gunderson'" <jongund@ux1.cso.uiuc.edu>, <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>
Cc: "'Kitch Barnicle'" <barnicle@trace.wisc.edu>
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Thanks Jon

Just for information

EZ Access techniques are for  BUILT IN  (or direct)  access

AIIP is for allowing connection of (compatibility with) assistive
technologies.  It does not make the product itself accessible - but makes it
possible for people to use their assistive technologies (if they have an
alternate interface assistive technology  -- which supports AIIP)

So they complement each other but are not equivalent.


PS.    AIIP and URCC are equivalent and we have dropped our separate work on
URCC and pooled out efforts with NCIT to form the AIIP work.

PPS.   AIIP is not only not done - it hasn't even really begun yet.  Lots of
good ideas and work  -  but the study group is just now filling out its
application to form a Working Group.    But it is moving and good input
would be great to have -- so go to the site   www.uniac.com and join in the

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I proposed that we include the references that kitch enclosed as techniques
for checkpoint 1.1.  The bullet for the technique would be:

If you only support one input device (i.e. Kiosk or portable device)
provide an accessible alternative interface.

Two implmentations of an accessible alternative interface would be the use
of the Easy Access and/or AIIP techniques.


At 08:28 PM 11/10/99 -0600, you wrote:
>The URLs that Jon requested in the appear below.
>Trace Center information on kiosks and EZ Access techniques.
>The National Committee for Information Technology Standards work on the
>Alternative Interface Interaction Protocol (AIIP).
>I'll have to check and see if there is a better resource for information on
>infrared. I not sure which is the best site to include.

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