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Proposed techniques for Checkpoint 2.1

From: Jon Gunderson <jongund@ux1.cso.uiuc.edu>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 16:41:54 -0600
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Techniques for Checkpoint 2.1 Ensure that the user has access to all content, 
including alternative representations of content. [Priority 1]

2.1.1. In a graphical user interface use operating systems conventions for 
rendering text content in a way that assistive technology can capture the 

2.1.2. In a speech based user interface allow the user to navigate letters, 
words, sentences and other semantic phrases of text content

2.1.3. Allow the user to configure the user agent to render alternative
for images, video and audio information. Provide the user with the options of 
having the alternative content to be rendered instead of the primary
content or 
simultaneously with the primary content.
Examples of Alternative sources of content in HTML 
For the IMG element: The "alt", "title", and "longdesc" attributes. 
For the OBJECT element: The content of the element and the "title" attribute. 
For the APPLET element: The "alt" attribute and the content of the element. 
For the AREA element: The "alt" attribute. 
For the INPUT element: The "alt" attribute. 
For the ACRONYM and ABBR elements: The "title" attribute may be used for the 
acronym or abbreviation expansion. 
For the TABLE element, the "summary" attribute. 
For frames, the NOFRAMES element and the "longdesc" attribute on FRAME and 
For scripts, the NOSCRIPT element.

2.1.4. Provide the user with information about the type of element; for
support the generated content elements of CSS
IMAGE: pseudo-element 
ALT Text: Image of a header element with the inclusion of a pseudo element

2.1.5. Allow the user to view structured and outlined views of the content to 
facilitate the identification of topics and structure of the document

2.1.6 Provide generated content to indicate structural relationships like
cell header information and which item in a list of items

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