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I thought this might be of interest to the group.

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Subject: Fwd: NFB and AOL
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 22:14:27 +1100
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FYI on Handi-Talk!!!	

November 9 on HandiTalk, Michael Lauf interviewed Curtis Chong
from the National Federation of the Blind on the law suit against

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Here's an outline of the discussion in this 30 minute interview.

1.  Why the legal action against AOL when there are so many other isps

2.  Why was it filed in Boston when the NFB is based in Baltimore?

3.  Are there parts of the U.S. where AOL is the only option?

4.  Is there a lot of content found only on AOL?

5.  Is the NFB looking at any other businesses and/or government

6.  Does AOL's size make it more accountable than other internet

7.  When did access problems begin?

8.  How much money should one allocate to take such actions against
such a
large entity?

9.  Respond to AOL's claims that they are working on the problems?

10.  Were many people wanting access because it's popular with members
their family?

11.  Could this be settled out of court?  If so, when?

12.  How long can these type of proceedings take?

13.  What options are there for appeal if the court does not rule in
NFB's favor?

14.  Respond to critics who say the NFB  should be concerned with more
pressing issues.

15.  Is access to AOL's 20 million members necessary  for finding and
contracting work?

16.  What other issues are there beyond the problems with the access

17.  How much, and what type of press coverage has this law suit

18.  Will this serve as a wake-up call to businesses and web site

19.  Does the NFB plan to address non-pc devices like PDAs, kiosks,
handhelds, car navigation and other new technologies?

20.  What's being done to make access technology become more

Michael Lauf

Regards Steve,
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