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Re: Techniques for Technique 5.1.5 Frame equivalents

From: Jon Gunderson <jongund@staff.uiuc.edu>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 09:00:59 -0700
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Responses in JRG:
>In a recent post, I commented my shock to find that neither Lynx
>nor our HPR used title, so boldly advocated by WAI. We both
>look to name if it exists. Lynx uses the name attribute or the src
>for its list of frames; HPR uses the Title (element) of the frame page
>and the name if the frame page has no title. I have not tried
>pwWebSpeak yet, but your image suggests that that they use neither.

JRG: In the recently purchased version (last 34 weeks) of HPR I tried
labeling the NAME attribute different from the TITLE attribute in the frame
set and HPR only used the name attribute when rendering.  

This URL has TIITLE and NAME attribute defined for each element that are
different from each other.


pwWebSpeak currently doesn't seem to use either NAME or TITLE attribute of
a frame element that I can see.  

>Here are some examples:
>As an example of frame navigation, here is what Lynx presents
>for the five frames at the, www.macys.com.
> FRAME: leftblank
> FRAME: topnav
> FRAME: content
> FRAME: bottomnav
> FRAME: rightblank
>The words describing the frames are the values of the name
>attribute on each FRAME element. These are informative, but
>could be better. Next, here's the way Home Page Reader
>sees the frame list for Macy's.
>[Frame 1 (leftblank): Untitled]
>[Frame 2: Top Nav]
>[Frame 3: Macy*s Home]

JRG: I looked at the Macy's source and it does not label any of the frame
elements with a defined title attribute.  It appears that the title that
HPR is generating a title ased on the contents of the TITLE element in the
HEAD block of the source reference URL.  This is another technique for
determining a title for a frame and I will update the frame techniques to
include it.

Thanks for the for the critical eye!


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