Re: PROPOSAL: Information that needs to be exhanged between Descktop Graphical User Agents and Dependent Assistive Technology

If we are already going to require DOM, then we can shorten this list

User interface Controls
elements of the DOM

Charles McCN

On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Jon Gunderson wrote:

  Information that needs to be provided by the Desktop Graphical user Agent
  through interoperable interface
  User Interface Informaton
  1. Menus
  2. Dialog boxes
  3. Toolbars
  4. Keyboard bindings 
  5. Changes in focus
  Content Rendering
  Block level elements
  1. Element type 
  2. Rendering order in the document
  3. Rendering graphical position and size on visual display 
  4. Text content
  5. Accessibility attributes 
     IMG: Alt, title,  longdesc
     LINKS and FORM controls: ACCESSKEY
  6. Font and font style characterisitcs
  7. General element attibutes
  8. Which document (frame) the element is associated with
  In-line level elements
  1. Element type
  2. Rendering position and size on visual display
  3. Element attributes
  1. Row and column position in table
  2. Individual cell contents
  3. Table element type (TD or TH)
  4. Table cell attributes
  5. Explicit header cell references
  1. List of documents in frameset
  2. Move focus to another document in frameaset
  3. Frame which has the current focus
  1. Control type
  2. Control state
  3. Control text
  4. Control label information
  1. Indentification of elements with explicit event handlers
  2. Event handler type
  2. Simulation of event handler activation
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