Re: PROPOSAL: Information that needs to be exhanged between Descktop Graphical User Agents and Dependent Assistive Technology

Jon Gunderson wrote:
> Information that needs to be provided by the Desktop Graphical user Agent
> through interoperable interface
> User Interface Informaton
> 1. Menus
> 2. Dialog boxes
> 3. Toolbars

What aspects of these three types of objects must
be available? 

> 4. Keyboard bindings
> 5. Changes in focus

Perhaps complete this list with:

  - selection and notification of selection change
  - focus and notification of focus change
  - point of regard (how to do this?) and change thereof.
> Content Rendering
> Block level elements
> 1. Element type

Provided by DOM 1.

> 2. Rendering order in the document

I don't know what the rendering order means.. I know what
logical order is (i.e., document order), but what is
rendering order? Of what? Strings only? Pixels?

> 3. Rendering graphical position and size on visual display

What does this mean exactly? There are two structure/presentation
mappings of interest, I think:

1) For a given element, what real estate on the visual display
   comes from that element's rendered content?

2) For an x,y position on the screen, what element
   produced that pixel. Note that not all pixels are
   produced by elements - some come from style sheet-generated
   content (e.g., the :before pseudo-element in CSS2).

Are both important? Are both reasonable requests?
I don't believe DOM 2 will address this (but I could
be wrong).

> 4. Text content

Provided by DOM 1.

> 5. Accessibility attributes

All of the following are provided by DOM 1.

>    IMG: Alt, title,  longdesc
>    LINKS and FORM controls: ACCESSKEY

> 6. Font and font style characterisitcs

Almost certain to be part of DOM 2.

> 7. General element attibutes

Provided by DOM 1.

> 8. Which document (frame) the element is associated with

Provided by DOM 1.

> In-line level elements
> 1. Element type

Provided by DOM 1.

> 2. Rendering position and size on visual display

Again, I'm not sure what rendering information
is required. See comment above.

> 3. Element attributes

I think all of the rest are provided by DOM 1.
> 1. Row and column position in table
> 2. Individual cell contents
> 3. Table element type (TD or TH)
> 4. Table cell attributes
> 5. Explicit header cell references

I'm not sure what explicit header cell references
> 1. List of documents in frameset
Provided by DOM 1.

> 2. Move focus to another document in frameaset

This is control of user agent by another.

> 3. Frame which has the current focus

All four of these provided by DOM 1.

> 1. Control type
> 2. Control state
> 3. Control text
> 4. Control label information
> 1. Indentification of elements with explicit event handlers
Provided by DOM 1.

> 2. Event handler type
What do you mean by type? That it's "onclick", for example?

> 2. Simulation of event handler activation

This is control of user agent by another.

 - Ian

Received on Sunday, 7 March 1999 08:58:15 UTC