Re: SMIL Accessibility Issue

Jon Gunderson wrote:
> Jim,
> We have added some information related to multi-media accessibility to the
> new guidelines.  Is there anything specifically to multi-media or the
> implementation of SMIL specifcation that we should include in the guidelines?
> We need to have any new information in the next 2 weeks (March 2nd).
> Please let me know by Thursday (Feb 18th) if you have any plans to submit
> additional information related to multi-media or SMIL accessibility to the
> working group for consideration for inclusion in the UA guidelines.

Hi Jon and Jim,

Since at the 17 Feb teleconference Jim accepted an action
item to review section 5 by 24 Feb [1], we can consider
your request acknowledged.

 - Ian


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Received on Friday, 19 February 1999 11:52:59 UTC