Re: ANNOUNCEMNT: New working draft available

Jon Gunderson wrote:
> I want to remind working group members to read the new working draft and
> post specific comments about guidelines and checkpoints to the list.  This
> draft will be the basis of the proposed recommendation and we want to
> collect specific comments and record discusions on the checkpoints and
> guidelines from the working group during the next two weeks for revising
> this draft.  We will use the telecons as the basis for resolving
> outstanding issues.  The comments will be incorporated into a new working
> draft for release early next month to other W3C working groups and the WAI
> interest group for further comment.
> I would also like to publicly thank Ian for all his hard work in generating
> this draft.
> Thanks Ian!!!


Thanks Jon, and thanks to everyone in the group.

Just a clarification: We're not actually
at the pre-Proposed Recommendation phase.
There will be additional working drafts. 

Thanks for sending all comments,

 - Ian

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Received on Thursday, 11 February 1999 18:40:19 UTC