Re: RESOLUTION: Table access checkpoints for Desktop Graphical User Agents

> > Primary checkpoints for Desktop Graphical User Agents to implement
> > 1. Implement DOM level 1
> > 2. Expose DOM level 1 to assistive technologies
> It would seem that point 2. is sufficient:  expose an interface or

What about exposing DOM thru scripting, like JavaScript ?

While not specifically targeted at accessibility, it's very important
that people follow the DOM standard when implementing DHTML stuff.

It's also exposing an interface, a different one, but not to assistive 
technology (at least til AT can be programmed as scriptlet that users
can attach to their user agent)

So maybe "Expose DOM level 1 thru a public interface" is all what is

Or do we need to have two for
  - exposing thru an external public interface
  - exposing thru a internal script interface

Received on Tuesday, 2 February 1999 09:11:58 UTC