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Task for group from F2F general session in Toronto

From: James Allan <allan_jm@tsb1.tsbvi.edu>
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 15:12:22 -0500
To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org
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At the face to face meeting in Toronto, the WCAG were discussed. It was also
discussed that the User Agent group (guidelines)should address user agent
dependencies specifically mentioned in the WCAG. Below is a listing of all
WCAG checkpoints that say "...until user agents ..." can do some function.

1.2 Provide redundant text links for each active region of an image map.
[Priority 1 - if server-side image maps are used, Priority 2 - if
client-side image maps are used. Redundant text links for client-side image
maps are only required until user agents render text equivalents for the map

6.4 For scripts and applets, until user agents provide device-independent
means to activate event handlers, ensure that event handlers are keyboard

7.1 Until user agents allow users to control it, avoid causing the screen to

7.2 Until user agents allow users to control it, avoid causing content to
blink (i.e., change presentation at a regular rate, such as turning on and

7.3 Until user agents allow users to freeze moving content, avoid movement
in pages.

7.4 Until user agents provide the ability to stop the refresh, do not create
periodically auto-refreshing pages.

10.1 Until user agents allow users to turn off spawned windows, do not cause
pop-ups or other windows to appear and do not change the current window
without informing the user.

10.3 Until user agents or assistive technologies render side-by-side text
correctly, provide a linear text alternative (on the current page or some
other) for all tables that lay out text in parallel, word-wrapped columns.

10.4 Until user agents handle empty controls correctly, include default,
place-holding characters in edit boxes and text areas.

13.6 Group related links, identify the group (for user agents), and, until
user agents do so, provide a way to bypass the group.

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