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I think one of the cruel realities of the Web is that it is the ultimate
democratic environment, where anyone with access to an ISP can post pages.
As a result, a lot of the people posting pages simply don't know what they
are doing, and don't understand why what they do doesn't work.

Obviously, text input with no way to submit isn't good design (unless there
was a magic way to make things happen).  But there are a lot of bad
designers out there.

When we talk about web accessibility, we cannot make design coercive.  At
best, we can suggest ways to make accessible design as easy (or nearly so)
as inaccessible design.  As "Lint" like tools become more common, perhaps
the design issues will take care of themselves, but I am not sanguine on
that topic.


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I found sitew with a search text input field and no submit button. I can
no reference in either author guidelines or user agent guidelines about this
situation. Any comments, both on user agent and authoring.

Jim Thatcher
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