Re: keyboard navigation issues

to follow up on what Denis Anson said:

> In my understanding of CSS, the author of the page uses it to
> define how the page should be displayed.  But in the case of
> providing access, the *reader* of the page would be the one
> defining control.  Is there an option for someone to have an
> overriding CSS document that replaces the one provided by the
> author of the page?

The CSS2 specification embraces the concept that ultimately, the
end-user should have the upper hand in control over styling.
This is implemented in two ways, by saying that a !important
marking from the user overrides such a marking by the author, and
by remarks about stylesheet management in the browser.

It is still up to the user agent software to implement these

Jon reviewed the current practices of various browsers.

The Browser Guidelines document has the opportunity to clarify
priorities for the browser implementation of style management

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Received on Monday, 24 August 1998 10:55:40 UTC