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In designing a style sheet, the author is determining how to best present
information to the user, in the opinion of the author.  Since the author
already knows the content of the page, this is possible.  On the other hand,
the reader of a page doesn't have the information about what is on the page
until after the page is displayed.  Hence, any navigational tools would have
to be generic rather than page specific.

However, it would be a god idea to have some cross-platform method of
specifying access setups. Consider that, for a significant portion of the
world, web access is supplied by shared computers.  The computer used to
access the web might not even be the same one each time.  It would therefore
maximize accessibility if there were a way for the user to safe access
preferences onto a floppy, and carry them from computer to computer.  These
preferences, when used from a floppy, should be temporary changes, so that a
person with very non-standard needs would not make the computer unusable to

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Jon Gunderson wrote:
> Good points Claus.
> We have CSS for adjusting presentation.
> Could we not have some type of style sheet for adjusting user input?

CSS2 offers very little in the way of
style sheet control over the user interface. Features

 - stylistic changes when certain mouse events occur
   (hover, focus)

 - Some control of cursor presentation

 - The ability to refer to system colors and
   fonts in property values.

 - Dynamic outlines (e.g., to show focus).

See also a recent Submission to W3C that discusses "Action Sheets",
which are like style sheets but for behavior. See [1].

 - Ian


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