CSS and Browsers

In response to Denic Anson,
Browsers that don't support CSS (Lynx for example) ignore style sheet
Netscape 4.0 allows you to disable the use of style sheets.
Explorer 4.0 is more complex.  It allows for the provision of user style
sheets.  Items specified in the users style sheet will override author
defined styles sheets.  This can be a problem though if the authors uses
style names or elements not included in the user styles sheets.  Explorer
does provide partial disabling of author style elements by checking ignore
color, ignore font size and ignore font style in the accessibility options.
 It doesn't allow the disabling of all style elements in the author styles
sheet, most importantly positioning attributes.

At 08:40 AM 8/24/98 -0400, Denis Anson wrote:
>In my understanding of CSS, the author of the page uses it to define how the
>page should be displayed.  But in the case of providing access, the *reader*
>of the page would be the one defining control.  Is there an option for
>someone to have an overriding CSS document that replaces the one provided by
>the author of the page?
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