Re: Sequential Navigation within a View

Your approach I think may work for an experienced user who understands
tags.  But what about the niave user who won't know want to look for or
situations where a user just wants to get an overview of the document with
out having to read every element.

At 09:17 PM 7/31/98 +0300, maou wrote:
>My name is Napoleon Maou and I am a staff member at the Assistive
>Technology and Human computer Interaction (AT&HCI) laboratory , at the
>Foundation of Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH).
>I am interested in technologies that will make the Web, or any other
>information system, accessible to people with disabilities.
>At FORTH I have participated in the development of the AVANTI unified
>browser, a browser that in addition to motor abled users, is accessible
>by blind and motor impaired users.
>I would like to comment on the subject of sequential navigation within a
>I believe that there should be only one generalized mechanism to
>navigate elements within a view. Section 6.1 talks about a mechanism for
>sequential navigation of links, form elements and elements with
>longdesc( using keyboard commands ) , and section 7.2 talks about
>another mechanism that can be used for sequential navigation of Headers
>or other elements ( using menus and menu shortcuts ).
>The problems I see with the existence of two mechanisms are the
>1)  There exist more than one keyboard commands or menu keyboard
>shortcuts, which have essentially the same meaning. "Move to next item".
>For example if we have menu items to navigate Headers and Paragraphs
>then there will be a "Next Header", a "Next Paragraph" and a "Next
>link/longdesc/form element" command.
>2)  If the user wants to navigate Headers and paragraphs then the
>current mechanisms does not allow him to do that. He can navigate
>Headers or Paragraphs but not both at the same time.
>3)  For people with motor disabilities using menus to navigate will be
>very time consuming.
>4)  For blind people there is the problem of having to memorize more
>keyboard commands than are needed.
>Proposed Mechanism
>I believe that the UA should provide to the user a simple generalized
>mechanism to navigate any elements in the view. This mechanism should:
>a)  Allow the user to select the elements he wants to navigate.
>b)  Provide  commands to move among the elements of the view.
>A mechanism like that I believe will be easy to use and is general
>enough to allow the user to navigate any element combinations.
>Napoleon Maou
>Napoleon Maou
>Software Engineer
>AT&HCI Laboratory
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