Sequential Navigation within a View

My name is Napoleon Maou and I am a staff member at the Assistive
Technology and Human computer Interaction (AT&HCI) laboratory , at the
Foundation of Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH).

I am interested in technologies that will make the Web, or any other
information system, accessible to people with disabilities.
At FORTH I have participated in the development of the AVANTI unified
browser, a browser that in addition to motor abled users, is accessible
by blind and motor impaired users.

I would like to comment on the subject of sequential navigation within a

I believe that there should be only one generalized mechanism to
navigate elements within a view. Section 6.1 talks about a mechanism for
sequential navigation of links, form elements and elements with
longdesc( using keyboard commands ) , and section 7.2 talks about
another mechanism that can be used for sequential navigation of Headers
or other elements ( using menus and menu shortcuts ).

The problems I see with the existence of two mechanisms are the
1)  There exist more than one keyboard commands or menu keyboard
shortcuts, which have essentially the same meaning. "Move to next item".
For example if we have menu items to navigate Headers and Paragraphs
then there will be a "Next Header", a "Next Paragraph" and a "Next
link/longdesc/form element" command.
2)  If the user wants to navigate Headers and paragraphs then the
current mechanisms does not allow him to do that. He can navigate
Headers or Paragraphs but not both at the same time.
3)  For people with motor disabilities using menus to navigate will be
very time consuming.
4)  For blind people there is the problem of having to memorize more
keyboard commands than are needed.

Proposed Mechanism
I believe that the UA should provide to the user a simple generalized
mechanism to navigate any elements in the view. This mechanism should:
a)  Allow the user to select the elements he wants to navigate.
b)  Provide  commands to move among the elements of the view.

A mechanism like that I believe will be easy to use and is general
enough to allow the user to navigate any element combinations.

Napoleon Maou

Napoleon Maou
Software Engineer
AT&HCI Laboratory
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Received on Friday, 31 July 1998 14:17:23 UTC