RE: [Fwd: WAI and seizure disorders]

would it be possible to have a control in the UA that could be
looked for by an applet?

Yes, but then that user interface and communication with the external
applet/object would have to be standardized across browsers.  Better yet
would be to make it platform specific, like Windows currently does with the
Screen Reader and High Contrast flags.  A "No Animation" flag would be very
useful and might possibly be related to an exiting flag for the common
controls called MinAnimate.  Every object can query these flags and adjust
themselves according.

Here is a list of the accessibility flags that are currently in Windows:

HighContrast - used to indicate that the user needs legible, contrasting
ScreenReader - used to indicate that a screen reader is currently in
KeyboardPref - used to indicate that the user is keyboard-centric
ShowSounds - used to indicate that visual cues be used for sounds and
caption accompany media

The problem of graphics and other eye-candy flashing on the screen is not
limited to HTML, it's a problem that all applications.  The solution should
not be browser specific.  

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would it be possible to have a control in the UA that could be
looked for by an applet?

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The UA cannot control what the applet or object does.  I can
write ActiveX
controls and Java applets that do nearly whatever I want without
the UA's
knowledge or ability to control it.

What about <BLINK> and <MARQUEE>? Those are not W3C supported
tags.  I agree
there be a recommendation that UA's should only display the first
frame of
an animated GIF if a option is set.  This would also disable the
blinking of
<BLINK> and the scrolling of <MARQUEE> text.  Although in the
case of
MARQUEE, there could be information loss.  A better suggestion
would be to
ignore the <MARQUEE> tag and display the contents in-line.

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the list because of the screwy listserv in use at the W3C.

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In light of this email, I propose a guideline along the lines of:

"Allow the user to supress rendering of blinking and flashing
images and applets."

This may be a subset of "control presentation", but it may
deserve to be its own guideline.

All comments welcome,

 - Ian

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