RE: [Fwd: WAI and seizure disorders]


would it be possible to have a control in the UA that could be
looked for by an applet?

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The UA cannot control what the applet or object does.  I can
write ActiveX
controls and Java applets that do nearly whatever I want without
the UA's
knowledge or ability to control it.

What about <BLINK> and <MARQUEE>? Those are not W3C supported
tags.  I agree
there be a recommendation that UA's should only display the first
frame of
an animated GIF if a option is set.  This would also disable the
blinking of
<BLINK> and the scrolling of <MARQUEE> text.  Although in the
case of
MARQUEE, there could be information loss.  A better suggestion
would be to
ignore the <MARQUEE> tag and display the contents in-line.

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In light of this email, I propose a guideline along the lines of:

"Allow the user to supress rendering of blinking and flashing
images and applets."

This may be a subset of "control presentation", but it may
deserve to be its own guideline.

All comments welcome,

 - Ian

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