Where's the math?

I was disappointed to find absolutely no mention of math rendering in the
new guideline document posted by the user agent group.  I asked John
Gunderson, and he suggested that I write this group.  I believe that math
is a very important topic for this group to discuss.

I find it ironic that mathML may actually reduce access to math.  My group
will be testing some bandaid solutions to math and graphics access on
Oregon State University web courses during the next year.  These are crude
but they can provide access for math that is represented  as graphic
images.  Once mathML begins to appear, we are unable to make it accessible.
 Perhaps a more clever person than I can figure out how to do it, but I see
no practical way to access mathML except by the user agent.

John Gardner
Professor and Director, Science Access Project
Oregon State University
SAP URL: http://dots.physics.orst.edu

Received on Wednesday, 1 July 1998 15:20:39 UTC