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Re: News about FireFox 60 and JFW 2018 And what about IRC, ChatZilla will not work beyond FF 52

From: Léonie Watson <tink@tink.uk>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2018 20:16:26 +0200
To: George Kerscher <kerscher@montana.com>, w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
Message-ID: <5ebb9b92-39e1-408d-af93-29de7fa833c3@tink.uk>
On 17/05/2018 17:14, George Kerscher wrote:
> First, I am still using FireFox 52, but the news from Flying Blind below 
> indicates that it is possible to move to FF 60.
>     According to blogger and Mozilla employee Marco, "Firefox 60 and
>     JAWS 2018 Are Back in Good Browsing Conditions Together:"
> http://bit.ly/2Ipl4yS 
> <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001teLewL20xfMPClNUYpKx7INtbLzVn3NNFvkYuugGsFfyhZThABYj2CfCeBA7DgUrFbPjIii53OSlEBoQyMJSJSlLoLKgqrdAGx2iwHIo_1EcneipZaz6vxhahbteMDG6P10yMjcUXb6bF_2VWR37KaJ3heVS6BZULcaji8583xs=&c=bT2g9VAPBrF0mTT9jLGsyj653gn5MptwGdQQ-7urPZ4Ou5mdkuHjLA==&ch=wfuuclTIhsbOVz_11Uj714PhuGvUNE11JDd0zDJtuxpW4icTaZe4oA==>

If you have the Jaws 2018 April update installed, then performance with 
Firefox 60 is significantly improved over previous versions of either 
the screen reader or the browser. More improvements should land with the 
Jaws May update when it's released.

> Second, I use ChatZilla for IRC on W3C working group and community group 
> meetings. IRC is how we take minutes, and exchange thoughts. ChatZilla 
> documentation says it will not work in FireFox past release 52. So, I am 
> kind of stuck. My questions:

There is a stand-alone version of Chatzilla. It's almost exactly the 
same as the browser plugin, except for the fact it doesn't require a 
browser to be used.


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