Re: Accessible Documents - PDF vs. HTML

tools for working with HTML: any editor....literally any editor. you can
use notepad in windows even! and i mean notepad, not notepad++, simply save
the .txt document as .html instead.

jedit has been my go to for nearly a decade now, sublime text is probably
one of the most popular on the market, atom is editor created by github,
brackets was created by adobe....just to name a few.

tools for creating accessible HTML documents: w3c validators,,
accessibility project's resouces: and
w3c's web accessibility evaluation tools,
to name a few.

pro tip: using HTML properly will get you closer to accessible than
anything else...not to take away from some of these tools, but properly
using HTML reinforces accessibility, because HTML has some accessibility
already baked in.

On Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 3:33 PM, Olaf Drümmer <>

> It seems there is some agreement that HTML is  a good option, but Word is
> not the right tool to create HTML.
> Can anybody share which tools they use to make their accessible HTML files?
> Olaf

J. Albert Bowden II

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