RE: Accessible Documents - PDF vs. HTML

I would say HTML.
You can make pdf accessible but whenever you make even a small change to the PDF format  transcripts the whole  transcript will be become inaccessible. 
You need to redo the  whole work again.

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> I am looking for some advice and information. We have eLearning course transcripts that we are working on making fully accessible (conform to WCAG 2.0 Level AA guidelines). The transcripts range in size from 30 -60 pages, have some graphics throughout, a lot of headings and lists, and multiple choice assessment items.
> Questions:
> 1.      What would be a better format for these transcripts? PDF or HTML and why?

Both PDF and HTML can be made accessible. The choice of technology should be dictated by the document’s purpose, intended utilization and target audience, not (only) by accessibility considerations.

If (for example) a fixed layout is important, then PDF is indicated. If the content is somehow dynamic (for example, content should appear / be hidden based on the selected value of the multiple-choice items), then HTML is indicated. 

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