RE: Names for ARIA menu and menubar


We would have to look at the specific code as there are so many variables.

Here are some things to remember when using aria labeling techniques..

Aria-label overrides or takes precedence over other labels or span text used for labels.
Aria-labelledby overrides or takes precedence over aria-label.

So you may be seeing some of this behavior with your menus.

Please send out a code snippet for review.



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Subject: Names for ARIA menu and menubar

Dear Colleagues,

I am perplex about Screen Readers treatment of ARIA menu and menubar names applied by aria-label on the corresponding element. Both JAWS and NVDA do not announce the menu name when focussing on menu items. We have in our product, that we implement as a single-page web app at the same time up to 3 menus and it is very important for the user to know in which widget is the item he/she focuses on.

Does somebody know what is the reason the screen readers ignore the menu names? Or is it undisputed a bug? Thanks.


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