Re: Disabled people and copyright infringement

On 20/05/16 09:38, Léonie Watson wrote:
> I'm looking for examples of law suits and/or court cases, where people with
> disabilities have been sued/prosecuted for copyright or other copy
> protection infringement (anywhere in the world) because they were trying to
> access content that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

I think it unlikely that you will find any case law involving 
individuals.  Rights owners would probably ignore this as of no real 
threat to them, and likely to generate unwanted publicity.  If a 
business did this for its workers, they are likely to get ticked off in 
any copyright audit and requested to pay some general licensing fee, but 
it unlikely the case would go to court.  The only time where I imagine 
there would be any prosecution is if someone was making and distributing 
multiple copies.

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