ASSETS 2016 [Deadlines of 24 June]: Posters and Demos, Experience Reports, Doctoral Consortium, and Student Research Competition

The 18th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and
Call for:
Posters and Demos
Experience Reports
Doctoral Consortium
Student Research Competition

24-26 October 2016

The ASSETS conference is the premier forum for presenting research on the
design, evaluation, and use of computing and information technologies to
benefit people with disabilities and older adults.

We invite high-quality, original submissions on topics relevant to
computers and accessibility. This includes the use of technology by and in
support of:
- Individuals who are Deaf/deaf or hard-of-hearing
- Individuals with sight or other sensory impairments
- Individuals with motor impairments
- Individuals with memory, learning and cognitive impairments
- Individuals with multiple impairments
- Older adults and others with diverse or changing capabilities
- Professionals who work with or in support of these populations

Submissions should present significant and innovative contributions to
design, systems, tools, scientific understanding, methodology, social
issues or policy related to:
- Technology that improves the accessibility of everyday life
- Technology that improves access to Computer and Information Technologies
- Accessibility and usability of mainstream technologies
- Exploration of barriers to technology access
- Using mainstream technologies to improve accessibility
- Technological innovations that could be used to improve access

======Posters and Demos======

The Poster and Demonstration Session is an opportunity for presenting
late-breaking results, ongoing research projects, and speculative or
innovative work in progress. This session is an ideal platform for
researchers and practitioners to present their work, engage in discussion
regarding their work and receive valuable feedback. Participants are
invited to submit high-quality posters and demonstrations presenting novel
ideas, designs, techniques, systems, tools, evaluations, scientific
investigations, methodologies, social issues or policy issues relating to
any topics that may be of interest to the accessibility community. A poster
is a great way to test new ideas, generate interest in a research area, or
describe useful or interesting work that is not substantial enough for a
full paper presentation or present late-breaking result. A demonstration is
a great way to communicate inventive accessible computing and IT
technologies in action. <>

======Experience Reports======

The value of accessible technology is measured ultimately by the experience
of people who use it. ASSETS 2016 invites papers that reflect these
experiences first-hand. An experience report is authored or co-authored by
one or more persons who are in the intended audience for the technology
discussed in the report. It describes these authors’ experience with the
technology, positive or negative (and may describe the experience of other
users, as well). The technology involved may be in any state of completion
that allows meaningful use, from a research prototype to a commercial
product. <>

======Doctoral Consortium======

The Consortium will be held on Sunday, October 23rd, 2016, in Reno, Nevada.
During the Consortium, each student will make a formal presentation about
his or her doctoral research. Feedback will be given by each member of the
faculty panel, as well as by the other student participants. Discussion
will be encouraged.

The feedback will be geared toward helping student participants understand
and articulate how their work is positioned, relative to other research on
Assistive Technologies, Universal Accessibility, and Universal Usability.
Feedback will also address whether their topics are adequately focused for
thesis research projects, whether their methods are correctly chosen and
applied, and whether their results are being appropriately analyzed and

Student participants will also present their research in the main
conference during a poster session that is dedicated specifically to the
work of the Doctoral Consortium participants. This will allow conference
attendees to interact with, and ask questions of, the Doctoral Consortium
participants, and will allow the participants the opportunity to get
feedback from a larger audience.

The abstract must clearly demonstrate relevance to accessibility research.
Decisions about acceptance will be based on relevance to accessibility,
originality, potential significance, topicality and clarity. <>

======Student Research Competition======

The ACM Student Research Competition (SRC) is an event open to
undergraduate and graduate students. At the conference, the authors will
present their poster to a panel of experts and those who qualify to the
next round will present their research to the conference audience. All
accepted SRC submissions will be published in the conference proceedings
and the best presentations will receive a prize. The SRC is a fantastic
opportunity to be introduced to the community and establish networks with
fellow scientists. <>

======Important Dates======

-Requesting mentors: 4 March 2016, Friday
-Technical Paper submission: 6 May 2016, Friday
-Authors receive reviews and prepare rebuttals: 9 June 2016
-Authors submit rebuttals: 11 June 2016
-Notification of Technical Paper acceptance: 17 June 2016, Friday
*-Posters and demos submission: 24 June 2016, Friday*
*-Experience reports submission: 24 June 2016, Friday*
*-Doctoral consortium submission: 24 June 2016, Friday*
*-Student research competition submission: 24 June 2016, Friday*
-Notification of posters and demos acceptance: 22 July 2016, Friday
-Notification of experience reports acceptance: 22 July 2016, Friday
-Notification of doctoral consortium acceptance: 22 July 2016, Friday
-Notification of student research competition acceptance: 22 July 2016,


The ASSETS 2016 conference will be held at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa
in Reno, Nevada.
<ASSETS 2016 Venue|>


General Chair:
Jinjuan Heidi Feng, Towson University, USA

Program Chair:
Matt Huenerfauth, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Treasurer and Registration Chair:
Raja Kushalnagar, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Posters and Demonstrations Chairs:
Stephanie Ludi, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Kyle Montague, University of Dundee, UK

Doctoral Consortium Chairs:
Amy Hurst, UMBC, USA
Karyn Moffat, University of McGill, Canada

Experience Reports and User Experience Panel Chair:
Tiago Guerreiro, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Student Research Competition Chairs:
David Flatla, University of Dundee, UK
Anke Brock, Inria Bordeaux, France

Captioning Challenge Chair:
Raja Kushalnagar, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Text Entry Challenge Chair:
Adam Sporka, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

Mentoring Chair:
Leah Findlater, University of Maryland, USA

Local Arrangements Chair:
Eelke Folmer, University of Nevada, Reno, USA

Accessibility Chair:
Erin Brady, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, USA

Web Chair:
Lourdes M. Morales-Villaverde, University of California, Santa Cruz

Student Volunteer Chair:
Bill Grussenmeyer, University of Nevada, Reno, USA

Publicity Chair:
Kyle Rector, University of Washington, USA

Logistics Chair:
Barbara Morris, UMBC, USA

<ASSETS 2016 Committee|>

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