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Thanks for this. It appears that there is growing support for the idea that WAI perhaps need to re-invigorate our efforts around the ideals of ATAG and UAAG more (and certainly Authoring Tools, which more than one commenter has noted already). I will be sure to ensure that this is captured as the valuable feedback it is for the larger "WAI 20202" discussion

An emphatic +1 to the above.

Returning to the shorter-term discussion of what do we do now, today (tomorrow, this month, this fiscal quarter), your response highlighted the words new devices and new technologies. Does this mean then that you believe that Option 1.2 WCAG 2.0 plus extensions by technology or platform<> is your preferred way forward? I'm trying to bring focus to the immediate need we are facing now: the fact that we are creating new (potential) Success Criteria, new "Best Practices", new Techniques, etc. The question I want to look at closely here is what exactly are we going to do with that material? How do we "publish" it, and under what model?

I don't support technology or platform-specific, normative success criteria. The value and longevity of WCAG 2.0 owes much to the technology-independence of its success criteria, which have endured remarkably well in the face of important advances, for instance in mobile devices.

I think the best response is to integrate the work of the task forces into a list of high-quality success criteria, then either publish them as an extension document or as a WCAG 2.x document.


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