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> From the options available I like the Integrate extension requirements  
> as WCAG 2.x updates approach with WCAG 2.x by date, across Task Forces.
> Integrate extension requirements as WCAG 2.x updates
> WCAG 2.x by date, across Task Forces  
> <> -  
> combines Success Criteria from across task forces and integrates into  
> date-driven 2.1, 2.2, etc.

Yes, this is far and away my preferred model. It helps the groups working  
on extensions to focus on incrementally improving and on relevance, since  
it is clear to them that they will need to work with not only the existing  
guidelines (as they are at any given time), but also with other groups  
focusing on a different set of needs, to make sure they describe their  
requirements in a way that works for everyone.

Cons of the approaches based on having WCAG 2.0 plus various extensions as  
a long-term model is that there are then very many possible combinations  
someone might require - a whole lot of time and effort will be sucked up  
on the questions of which combination should happen, and a whole lot more  
time wasted by industry trying to deal with the various requirements on  
subsets of the whole collection, which is what any reasonably substantial  
organisation will have to be able to do anyway.

The con of doing things on a task-force by task-force basis is of course  
that it sends a message that until we have every problem resolved for a  
given area, we apparently don't care about it. In other words, it lets the  
perfect, which is probably unachievable, be the enemy not only of good,  
but even of "better than it is now".



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