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>> Adam Cooper composed on 2015-01-26 14:12 (UTC+1100):

>>> Any content that originates in another format can just as readily be
>>> delivered using HTML and pixel perfect printing is similarly achievable
>>> using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript.

>> Oh that were this true cross-platform and independent of logical pixel density.

>> ...Linux using a >96 DPI environment...

> I do not know what browser you are using or which flavor of linux but the 

I wrote which browsers I use (Gecko[1] & KHTML[2]). I mostly use rpm distros
with KDE3, KDE4 or TDE, very rarely with Gnome or any of its derivatives.

> one thing I rarely have a problem with is using extra paper when printing.
> and if this is a regular problem just do a "print preview" and print the 

The extra paper is consumed because print preview WYSIWYG doesn't work right
when DPI is not 96. It's adjust and try, adjust again and try again, etc.
until result meets need, if ever.

> pages that you want and skip the blank pages, and I have and do use 
> several diifferent flavors of linux and a couple different browsers and do

Most distros force 96 DPI systemwide at the Xorg level regardless of actual
screen density. I disable forcing DPI on my systems. Have you ever done so?

> not have this problem, (have other problems, but not this one)

Apparently you glossed over the foundation of what I wrote. Try configuring a
significantly higher than average DPI screen to make physical density match
logical density and see how printing works for you. I anxiously await your
report back.


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