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I do not know what browser you are using or which flavor of linux but the 
one thing I rarely have a problem with is using extra paper when printing.
and if this is a regular problem just do a "print preview" and print the 
pages that you want and skip the blank pages, and I have and do use 
several diifferent flavors of linux and a couple different browsers and do 
not have this problem, (have other problems, but not this one)

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> Adam Cooper composed on 2015-01-26 14:12 (UTC+1100):
>> Any content that originates in another format can just as readily be
>> delivered using HTML and pixel perfect printing is similarly achievable
>> using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript.
> Oh that were this true cross-platform and independent of logical pixel density.
> Paper waste in Linux using a >96 DPI environment is at best a bane. On
> average, (estimated) waste here has been well in excess of 15 sheets to get
> each good page printed from a Gecko for well over a decade, modestly better
> from KHTML, not to mention untold hours of frustration. Chrom* are entirely
> unusable @>~120 DPI, since their minimalist UI is inexplicably locked at 96
> independent of actual DE density. Thus, I cannot speak to its printing
> competence.
> I rarely even try printing from Linux browsers any more except for short
> plain text documents that I've learned how to get acceptable results from
> without wasting more than about 5 sheets. For the rest, and also for PDFs, I
> have an old Windows 96 DPI computer useful for little other than printing,
> which due to experience I take considerable pains to avoid needing.
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