RE: PDF accessibility guidelines. WAS: Re: PDF's and Signatures

On Fri, 23 Jan 2015, John Foliot wrote:

> wrote:
>> one reason I just say "avoid pdf" to these groups.
> ...and if they can, that is not wrong advice. However there are times when
> that advice is not feasible, for any number of reasons. There, spending the
> time (if that effort is taken and appreciated) is the answer. Bottom line is
> that there is no single answer to this conundrum, and we must remain open to
> that line of thought.

in my own church and their website the only thing not accessible (after 
some training)was the monthly newsletter, which drove me nuts because the 
newsletter was typed up on a word processing software (such as Word) and 
then converted to pdf then scanned onto the website.  finally convinced 
them to just upload the document from the wordprocessessing output.

they finally got it.

but this is so common it is hard to understand why folks want to work so 
much harder.


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