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Bob composed on 2015-01-23 14:50 (UTC-0500):

> one of the problems I face is not the big players universities and 
> companies but the small volunteer groups that just upload pdf documents 
> and that's as far as they go,  churches and affinity groups want to be on 
> line but the volunteers running the websites rarely have any training or 
> even know what the W3C is much less what they say.

> one reason I just say "avoid pdf" to these groups.

No matter how much PDF/UA or ISO 32000-1 are prettified with access
capability, PDFs remain as Jakob Nielsen described on
more than a decade ago - designed for printing, not reading on a PC screen.
As most are presented, they are a web accessibility plague exceeded only by
Flash, if even that.

> as you say is a real shame the tools are behind a paywall (which is 
> technically illegal in the USA) small groups churches volunteers etc $88 
> may be a significant part of their budgets
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