Re: aria-label usage in table cells

Hi Olaf,
The two title attributes inside the <TD> compliment the static text, even
though they don't serve the purpose of passing on the info to a screen
reader. Yes, there is some degree of duplication but I believe the intent
(by a well-meaning developer) here is to tie in the 'process step' with its
color indicator, 'case is in diary' etc...
On Jun 17, 2014 5:16 PM, "Olaf Drümmer" <> wrote:

> Hi Devarshi,
> aren't you simply duplicating information? The value of the title
>  attribute just repeats what is defined by the TD content and the
> associated TH cell content.
> Olaf
> On 17 Jun 2014, at 22:23, Devarshi Pant <> wrote:
> > I am testing a data table with static text in <TD> followed by a red
> color text indicator. For some reason, our developers have used title
> attributes on <td> in hopes of making the info accessible, not knowing that
> title attributes will be voiced (at least by JAWS when properly configured)
> on links, form controls, images, etc., but not on static text. Here is an
> example code:
> > <TD title="Process Step of xxxxxxx is DETERMINATION REVIEW"
> headers=processStepHdr align=middle>DETERMINATION REVIEW <FONT
> class=pending title="This case is in Diary.">D</FONT> </TD>
> > JAWS 13 [IE8] announces "Determination review D"
> > A few things like the deprecated font tag and an over dependence on
> title attributes may be an affront to some, but that's how it is. My
> question is: can aria-label attribute or any other technique be used to
> convey an updated value / indicator (case in diary; not in diary, etc.)
> within a data cell without changing the look and feel?
> > Thanks,
> > Devarshi

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