Re: aria-label usage in table cells

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aren't you simply duplicating information? The value of the title  attribute just repeats what is defined by the TD content and the associated TH cell content.


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> I am testing a data table with static text in <TD> followed by a red color text indicator. For some reason, our developers have used title attributes on <td> in hopes of making the info accessible, not knowing that title attributes will be voiced (at least by JAWS when properly configured) on links, form controls, images, etc., but not on static text. Here is an example code:
> <TD title="Process Step of xxxxxxx is DETERMINATION REVIEW" headers=processStepHdr align=middle>DETERMINATION REVIEW <FONT class=pending title="This case is in Diary.">D</FONT> </TD>
> JAWS 13 [IE8] announces “Determination review D”
> A few things like the deprecated font tag and an over dependence on title attributes may be an affront to some, but that’s how it is. My question is: can aria-label attribute or any other technique be used to convey an updated value / indicator (case in diary; not in diary, etc.) within a data cell without changing the look and feel?
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