Undoubtedly, an oversimplification ...

Dear group,

my apologies, i have previously posted two comments on EOWG, when in fact i
think they were relevant to the wider group:

The point which i am trying to make was shared with Google, via an
accessibility course, which i enrolled on, & failed. It sadly seems to be
the case that people see others gaining advantage in this world with poor
behaviour, and rush to imitate them; for instance, what seems to be a
British fetish - my enemy's enemy is my friend. What i am trying to
intimate, is that what i have tried to share with Google, has, probably not
been shared with W3C, naturally.

To introduce what i wish to say i will relate two quotes which i have been
unreliably informed are Dostoevsky's:
a) consciousness is a disease
b) the only animal which is not adapted to its environment, is man

The point is kind of illustrated as follows: if a web site, or an
'accessible version' of a web site, with the same 'content', were to be
delivered, in a manner which is compatible with Lynx [1] (text only
browser), then many of the 'complexities' of Web Accessibility would seem
to vanish in a puff of pink smoke?

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynx_(web_browser)

Yours faithfully,

*-- Mr Robinson --*

Received on Thursday, 1 May 2014 21:38:18 UTC