RE: Flash C5 and accessiblity

Flash Player 11 is the runtime, and does support accessibility on Windows systems for simple controls and textual information, but that is different from the authoring tool which is what I believe was being asked about.  I believe that if you ask the Adobe accessibility team you’ll get the same answer.  ☺

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supposedly flash player 11 is accessible for development....

that said, i would contact adobe's accessibility team and ask them specifically.....there's a contact link in the right column of that document

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It probably isn't the best forum but the quick answer is probably not. If a user is visually impaired but with some amount of vision they might be able to use it with difficulty but if completely blind probably not. I say probably because there are always people that figure out ways to accomplish things that seem impossible, but I do believe that the challenges are severe with tis authoring tool.


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> Hi,
> Please excuse this question if I am not addressing the correct forum for it.
> The question is: A visually impaired student who uses Jaws and a Braille line is going to take a course in Flash Professional CS5.
> Is the program accessible so that the student can develop games etc.  in it?
> Thank you.
> Lisa
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