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Towards an inclusive Europe: reflections on the digital agenda for eAccessibility (Paris 2-3 May, 2013)

From: Kyle Montague <kylemontague@computing.dundee.ac.uk>
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2013 14:41:14 +0100
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A workshop organized in conjunction with the ACM European Computing Research Congress

sponsored by the ACM SIGACCESS and eAccess+ Network
Paris 2-3 May, 2013

Featured event: Vint Cerf and Gregg Vanderheiden, "Why is accessibility so hard?" 

This workshop will bring together experts in eAccessibility from research, industry and the European Commission to discuss issues eAccessibility - how we can make the information society and all its digital resources accessible to people with disabilities and older people? With the ageing of society and the increasing reliance on digital information and communication, this is becoming an urgent question to address. The workshop will include a number of short keynote talks by leading experts from academia, user organizations and the European Commission, as well as a panel discussion from representatives of different industries. There will also be a discussion between Vint Cerf and Gregg Vanderheiden on "Why is accessibility so hard?" and plenty of opportunity for discussion amongst participants.  This workshop will be of interest to researchers, policy makers, representatives of industry and user organizations with an interest in eAccessibility, whether experienced or not.  Participation will be limited to 60 participants, so early registration is recommended.  For further information and registration, visit: http://www.inclusive-europe.eu/.
The University of Dundee is a Scottish Registered Charity, No. SC015096.

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