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Re: Is it okay to apply "menubar" role, ... etc and related keyboard shortcuts to the main navigation?

From: Ian Yang <ian.html@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2012 23:28:53 +0800
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Hi Joe

Thanks for the example and reference. So except for minor issues with NVDA,
it is still quite beneficial to do this to the navigation

Thank you,

2012/7/3 Joe Chidzik <joe.chidzik@abilitynet.org.uk>
> *[Joe Chidzik] *
> *Hi Ian, the IBM site uses this approach on the main navigation menu. As
> a sighted user, I find it beneficial to be able to arrow through menus,
> rather than tab linearly through a long chain of links. In addition, I
> found the menu easy to navigate using the JAWS screenreader as well; it was
> announced as a toolbar, with the links below announced as menu items.
> Testing with NVDA just caused the main menu items to be read out as
> “buttons”, and the menu items as “links”, but it was still quite usable –
> though less intuitively so. *
> * *
> *The only issue with this is that using the arrow keys can represent
> non-standard, or unexpected behaviour for users. Steve Faulkner responded
> to a query I had on this topic, and said “A possible method to overcome the
> unfamiliarity is to provide pseudo tooltip [2] that is displayed when the
> first item receives focus. this can be used to include brief instructions
> to the user such as "use arrow keys to navigate" or some such.” – you can
> read the thread at http://webaim.org/discussion/mail_message?id=20720 *
> * *
> *Cheers*
> *Joe *****
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