Re: EARL (was RE: Google Accessible Search)

Quoth John Foliot - at 07/26/06 23:30...
> Hello EARL, where are you?

Ever since Chaals introduced me to the concept three or four years ago,
I've been asking the same question.  All my web software design now
factors in either a specific field for EARL to live in or, a separate
metadata table for greater flexibility:

# start of SQL schema
docid bigint unsigned not null,   # the subject of the metadata
vocab int unsigned not null, # the vocabulary used, eg EARL,
    # defined elsewhere
primary key (docid,vocab),
metadata text;   # metadata as RDF, or whatever
# end of SQL schema

The above is just an example, similar to what I am using in the
light-weight, metadata-focused weblog software that I am writing.

Just because hardly anyone is using it does not mean to say that we
should not start.



Matthew Smith

Received on Wednesday, 26 July 2006 21:58:54 UTC