Re: User friendly 404s reconsidered

On 7/25/06, Patrick Lauke <> wrote:
> > Julian Scarlett
> > I may be missing the point here but how do you provide a
> > closest match given that all you know of is the requested
> > URI? For CMS driven sites this may just be a page ID.
> Obviously, you can only provide potential matches if there's enough information in the URI to begin with (e.g. if it's not purely a numerical value, you could try closest match a la spellchecker or google's "did you mean...")
> On a tangent, there is certainly something to be said about URIs that are human-readable to a certain extent, as opposed to purely numerical ones...

There's a certain point at which that's not really workable using
current methodologies. There's a certain point at which naming
conflicts get insane and numbers are produced to help track
everything. Think ISBN or the SSN numbering systems.


Orion Adrian

Received on Tuesday, 25 July 2006 15:49:35 UTC