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Re: Flash Accessibility

From: <Sofia.Celic@visionaustralia.org.au>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 15:34:35 +1100
To: angela.hilton@umist.ac.uk
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Hi Angela,

We (Vision Australia Foundation) did some work last year for The Learning
Federation that involved developing guidelines for Flash accessibility.
The document applied Flash accessibility theory to WCAG 1.0 checkpoints as
this was the specification requirement.  The document is now available on
their web site (http://www.thelearningfederation.edu.au/tlf/) to registered
members - a free signup.  I wrote the document based solely on Flash
accessibility theory, my basic knowledge of Flash and comments from Bob
Regan (Macromedia).

I have since been working on improving this document further by developing
my own skills and putting the theories to the test.  My work so far has
greatly improved the original document and we hope to have an advanced
version soon.  Also, I have only tested with Window-Eyes so far and need to
repeat everything with JAWS at some stage.  Macromedia and other parties
have expressed interest in developing this document, particularly with
techniques, to advance it further.

To pre-empt some responses, please be aware that this document does not
mean Flash can be made accessible.  It can only improve the accessibility
of Flash content when it is used.  Thus, it is important to consider what
the Flash movie is being used for.  I still would not use it for anything
other than applications that cannot be implemented in another accessible
technology at this point in time.  In general, this would include learning
objects, training programs and the like, that can stand alone in a browser

NCAM (http://ncam.wgbh.org) also have been doing quite a bit of work on
accessible rich media, including Flash.

I hope that helps somewhat,

Sofia Celic
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Hi all

I just wanted to ask if anyone knew very much about making Flash Movies

The people I work for want Flash movies on the main site, against my advice


Does anyone have much experience in making accessible flash? can it
be done? does MX do what it promises to do?

Specifically - do you know if creating Access Keys, in Flash, overwrites
already used by users using screen readers?

are there any opinions in general about Flash + Accessibility.

Angela K Hilton
Web & E-Learning Officer
Tel: 0161 200 3389
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