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<tfoot> headers & Accessibility?

From: Scott Rippon <scott.rippon@arts.monash.edu.au>
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 10:34:50 +1100
To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
Message-id: <3E6FC41A.60C1A868@arts.monash.edu.au>
Dear All

I apologize if this is an inappropriate place to email this question.  I
wasn't able to find an answer to my question in the mailing lists.

I'm having trouble understanding how to use <thead>, <tfoot> and <tbody>
and id and header attributes.  Using the example on this page is this


<table border="1" 
 summary="This table charts the number of
          cups of coffee consumed by each senator,  
          the type of coffee (decaf or regular),
          and whether taken with sugar.">
  <caption>Cups of coffee consumed by each senator</caption>
      <th id="header1">Name</th>
      <th id="header2">Cups</th>     
      <th id="header3" abbr="Type">Type of  Coffee</th>   
      <th id="header4">Sugar?</th>
      <td>Type of  Coffee</td>   
      <td headers="header1">T. Sexton</td>  
      <td headers="header2">10</td>
      <td headers="header3">Espresso</td>
      <td headers="header4">No</td>
      <td headers="header1">J. Dinnen</td> 
      <td headers="header2">5</td>
      <td headers="header3">Decaf</td>
      <td headers="header4">Yes</td>

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Kind regards,
Scott Rippon.

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