RE: Browser variations in a "stretchy" CSS design


There is a mailing list that deals with css issues with some extraordinarily knowledgeable people on it (including a few names that you'll recognise from here). 

Your problem is almost certainly caused by IE's css parsing oddities but without further investigation I'm not sure what. A box model hack might solve it but bear in mind that not all hacks produce valid css. I'm not sure if there is an @import hack to serve up a css for IE only. You could do some php server-side sniffing to detect for IE and then serve up an alternative css based on that. Another alternative is to take advantage of IE's conditional HTML comments to serve up a completely different style sheet for all or certain versions of IE. I tried doing that as an experiment and it seems to work OK. If anyone knows of any accessibility base reasons not to use conditional comments then please could they let me know.




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> Subject: Browser variations in a "stretchy" CSS design
> Slightly OT: 
> I am making a site that relies almost exclusively on CSS for
> presentation/formatting of standard HTML tags TD P, H3, etc. 
> I have exactly
> ZERO elements declared with pixel widths, all % and em for 
> font sizes. 
> When resizing the browser window in NS7 & OP7 (Win only tests 
> so far) the
> text is reflowing perfectly but for some reason I can't 
> figure out (driving
> me mad) IE is not reflowing the text as expected, thus in IE 
> the design is
> wider than 800 px on some pages... unacceptable. I'm 
> wondering if I need
> some box hack or @import hack in order to load a different CSS for IE.
> If you have a sec to check it out, staged here: 
> username: sfmi
> password: 8474320035
> The pages I have so far are index, sale, about us, & catering.
> Thanks in advance (TIA)
> Geoff Hoffman
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