Browser variations in a "stretchy" CSS design

Slightly OT: 

I am making a site that relies almost exclusively on CSS for
presentation/formatting of standard HTML tags TD P, H3, etc. I have exactly
ZERO elements declared with pixel widths, all % and em for font sizes. 

When resizing the browser window in NS7 & OP7 (Win only tests so far) the
text is reflowing perfectly but for some reason I can't figure out (driving
me mad) IE is not reflowing the text as expected, thus in IE the design is
wider than 800 px on some pages... unacceptable. I'm wondering if I need
some box hack or @import hack in order to load a different CSS for IE.

If you have a sec to check it out, staged here:
username: sfmi
password: 8474320035

The pages I have so far are index, sale, about us, & catering.

Thanks in advance (TIA)

Geoff Hoffman

Received on Thursday, 26 June 2003 13:56:45 UTC