Re: what languages can screen readers read in?

I believe there is an arabic screen reader available, released about a 
year ago. (Maybe it is only a text to speech engine, but they can be 
hooked up to various linux-based screen readers and possibly to windows 
ones as well).

There's a whole audio-based operating system in brazilian portuguese, 
there are definitely screen readers able to read "major european 
languages" (although I have heard finns laughing about the sound of 
things they use, I have also seen there a system that auto-detected for 
finnish or english and changed languages on the fly).

I'd be surprised to find any definitive information on a monolingual 
list such as this one. Any results you do come up with would be useful 
though, and I suspect interesting to a number of people.

Certainly there are japanese screenreaders. To find out about things 
like Urdu and Somali you might have to go beyond the subscribers of 
this list (do you know a Somali who might be interested in researching 
this a bit?).

I'll ask around, too. But can't hold out many promises.



On Monday, Jun 23, 2003, at 12:22 Europe/Zurich, Scarlett Julian (ED) 

> I've had a nosey in the archives but can't find a definitive answer. I 
> know that JAWS and HAL can read in a number of languages but they seem 
> to be Euro-centric. Does anyone know if there is support for Asian 
> languages. I want to put some pages up in the community languages of 
> our city (Somali, Urdu, Arabic, Chinese and Bengali) and want to put 
> them up as text but I'm wondering whether a screen reader will be able 
> to read the text out in a language that the user can understand.
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