RE: what languages can screen readers read in?

I believe there are Japanese versions of Jaws & Home Page Reader available 
in Japan. It's difficult to get information in the US (in English) about 
local versions of screen readers.

HAL supports nine languages (the usual European suspects).

The Dolphin speech synthesizers support(ed) 40 languages under DOS. Not 
sure what the current status is.

Keep in mind the difference between a screen reader that can read text in 
another language (but with menus, prompts, etc. in its native language), 
vs. a screen reader written for a particular language.


At 06:13 AM 6/23/2003, John Foliot - wrote:

>Hi Julian,
>Currently, IBM HPR supports the following languages: American English,
>British English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese,
>JAWs screen reading software supports: American English, British English,
>Castilian Spanish, Latin American Spanish, French, French Canadian, German,
>Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Finnish.
>Not sure if there are plans for introducing other language modules to these
>apps, nor if there are other applications which extend screen reading to
>other languages (I would think off hand that there would be Russian and
>Chinese applications at a minimum...)

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