Re: Swedish Goverment Accessibility Audit.

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Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2003 3:50 PM
Subject: Swedish Goverment Accessibility Audit.

[Swedish government website accessibility audit]
>   Greytower had the good fortune of winning the bid for doing WAI
>   testing of the 92 websites involved in the review.

Excellent news and well done!

>   The report - only in Swedish - was published on Monday the 2nd of
>   June. I have received permission by the Audit Office to write up a
>   summary of the work, our methods, and the results for posting to the
>   WAI-IG list.

That would be very much appreciated. It will offer me something I can use to
compare against the UK Disability Rights Commission evaluation of 1000 UK
private and public websites (with 100 of those undergoing more rigourous
examination - I wonder if they'll accept "volunteer submissions") - expected
in November 2003.


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