Swedish Goverment Accessibility Audit.

  During the fall of 2002 as well as January/February 2003, the Swedish
  National Audit Office performed a review of how well Swedish goverment
  websites work - with particular reference to WCAG 1.0, adopted by both
  the EU and the Swedish Agency for Public Management.

  Greytower had the good fortune of winning the bid for doing WAI
  testing of the 92 websites involved in the review.

  The report - only in Swedish - was published on Monday the 2nd of
  June. I have received permission by the Audit Office to write up a
  summary of the work, our methods, and the results for posting to the
  WAI-IG list.

  I'm now in the process of writing that summary, and will - unless
  given to understand that there is no interest absolutely for it - post
  it to the list as soon as it is done.

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