Re: Why Skip Navigation Links are a Hack

Well I do hope it's not too late to open this up a bit.

I've wanted an <html include> for a while now, not server side but 
client side.
whether everything in it can be assumed to be navigation is another 
matter, but that is a possibility.

an additional tag <navigation> (whilst open to abuse) offers the 
obvious advantage of clarity in defining structure.

However there is also a general issue that audio and visual output 
require different structures, which skip navigation does little to 

We use CSS with absolute positioning to enable links to be ordered for 
audio use but presented for visual use:
we also use scripting to enable a liquid presentation that fills the 
screen, which may not appeal to all.

Perhaps someone can find something positive to say about this approach, 
which whilst not perfectly accessible, does work well for our users.


Received on Saturday, 14 June 2003 01:51:33 UTC