Re: Accessible Dynamic Menus

On Wednesday, May 28, 2003, 12:52:14 AM, Julian Voelcker wrote:
> OK, I take your point, however I am referring to menus that are based on
> ordered multi-level lists that then use primarily CSS and some js to provide 
> the interactivity.

I've made a couple of menus that I've tried to make as accessible as
possible. There are fold-out ones on complete with
tab access, and drop-down ones on (please
note that site is in development).

They're both built out of UL elements and degrade quite well. The
secret to accessible menus is to make them display nicely first with
some basic CSS, and then have extra CSS that's imported (either using
document.write or creating a <link>) from JS within <head> which hides
them - don't load it onload or the menus can appear on the page and
then vanish when the CSS loads, which is ugly and confusing.

The scripting on both those sites is a bit nasty (I'm not really much
of a programmer), but I hope it might be able to help you.

Good luck
Tom Gilder,

Received on Tuesday, 27 May 2003 20:52:57 UTC