Re: Accessibility books - Re: eClass D201: Accessible Web Design begins 26 May 2003

On Tuesday, May 20, 2003, at 12:50 AM, Isofarro wrote:
> As for your reversion back to Mike Paciello's work - can I ask for your
> opinion on it? It sounds like it covers accessibility material 
> sufficiently
> well for your course - what was the reason for selecting Glasshaus'
> publication as a replacement. Was it a matter of being a newer / more
> up-to-date title?

The Paciello book has several advantages:

1.  It is pretty broad in its coverage, which is something I want for 
2.  It is a good parallel for the topics covered in the class;
3.  It's available via the IWA/HWG online library (which mostly contains
     older books).

It has one primary disadvantage:

1.  It is several years old and thus isn't as detailed as it could be
     about recent advances in Web accessibility.

I have been able to -- and will continue to -- supplement the course
readings with Web information to bring things up to date.

However, the Glasshaus book also fit advantages #1 and #2 above,
and didn't have the disadvantage, so it made sense to use in the
class.  Except, of course, for the lack of availability. :(

Additional note:  I'm developing an advanced course on Web
accessibility techniques (the D201 course is more of a comprehensive
overview, and students wanted a "D202" as well), and thus I've been
looking at other texts as well.  Yet another of the available
accessibility books is proposed for the advanced course -- let's
hope that it remains in print! :)


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